Your Challenges

Many organizations which adopt some form of digital technologies to grow and transform their businesses encounter a similar challenge: a lack of experience and realism in delivery, often far more important than inspired business innovation and domain expertise. What they often witness is the inability of their technology teams to truly partner and support business innovation, often running into challenges such as:

  • how to build an effective product management practice as a foundation for agility and precise prioritization of effort and resources
  • how to balance a focus on the long-term strategic technology vision with maintaining a customer-obsessed mindset
  • how to quickly reach MVP† status and initial user adoption to establish a data-driven roadmap practice
  • how to adopt new technologies while realising quantifiable business results
  • how to match business expectations with realism in feasability
  • how to adapt, adjust and grow a workforce to create killer delivery teams

Our Solutions

To cope with these challenges, SATISA can provide your organization with a wide range of technology advisory services, backed by our extensive experience in the following domains:


Areas of Domain Expertise
Customer Behavioral and Data Analytics
Marketing Technologies
Content Management & Publishing
Sophisticated (Big) Data Systems

Our services can be organized along four lifecycle phases every technology venture goes through:

Layer 1 Architect Evangelize Sell Envision


Creating the vision and verifying its viability

As your organization envisions a digital growth or transformation program or tries to mature its product vision creation, we help you by bringing an experienced technical opinion to the discussion.

We offer:

  • Product vision co-creation
  • Eco-system positioning assessment (competitors, partners, complementary and competitive)
  • Setting up the Journey towards a data-driven business: initialize technology KPIs and data monetization tracks
  • KYC†: verifying alignment between your vision and the consumer expectations

Format: hands-on whiteboarding workshops, desk research and reports

Tools: Business Model Canvas


From vision to strategy to tactics

Where the rubber meets the road - we can help you to establish a sound technical solution architecture that will withstand the test of time and is aligned with your business goals and tactics.

We offer:

  • Product and solution architecturing
  • Product roadmap creation and sanity checks
  • Establishing Product Management best practices
  • Cloud architecture alignment (Shift your architecture to Cloud concepts)
  • Cloud-native architectures

Format: hands-on accompaniment, pre-configured tools

Tools: Aha!, Productboard

Architectural guidelines: Well-architected (AWS) and Cloud Adoption Framework (GCP)


Creating word of mouth

Stop preaching from the technology ivory tower: make sure your communication of technical topics is clear, accessible, and enticing. Create a communication and branding vibe around your technology endeavours which will attract talent and convince new customers.

We offer:

  • Thought-leadership narratives (in alignment with industry and consumer perspectives)
  • Creation of tech pre-sales collateral
  • Tech recruitment communication assistance: job descriptions, recruitment events, meetup programs

Format: reusable collateral: concepts, text and diagrams

Tools: GSuite, Powerpoint & Word


Achieving business growth

Your technology or product’s worth is in its market adoption. As businesses grow smarter, selling technology requires less fluff and handwaving, and more precision in communication and evaluation.

We offer:

  • Working through the RFP† Process: requirement checklists and solution designs (sell- and buy-side)
  • Due diligence for tech acquisitions (buy- and sell-side)
  • Establishing technology partnerships: introductions and negotiations

Format: sleeves up, elbow grease applied

Tools: GSuite, Powerpoint & Word


We’re especially keen on working with ventures which touch our personal areas of interest:


Areas of Interest
Running a Multi-cultural, Globalized Business
Gen Z and Millenial Workforce Integration
(Future) Mobility & Logistics
Minimum Viable Product. “The minimum viable product is that version of a new product a team uses to collect the maximum amount of validated learning about customers with the least effort.” Eric Ries
Know Your Consumer, as a play on the Know Your Customer regulation for financial institutions. Understanding your consumer requires not only to have a well-established identity resolution scheme, but also have the insights available on your consumer’s needs, intents and preferences.
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