My Profile

Hi, I’m Steven Noels – owner and chief operator of SATISA.

I’m a seasoned international technology executive with deep experience in defining technology strategies and solution architectures, delivering pragmatic, sophisticated and innovative enterprise software architectures that stand up against the tests of reality & time.

I have deep tech eco-system relations with technology providers and analyst firms alike, and a fine nose for what’s going to be BIG next. I’m confident on the cross-roads of technology, venture strategy, product and solution architecturing, as well as technical & enterprise pre-sales.

I have a life-long interest in infrastructure-heavy systems & software engineering and I’m able to translate, communicate and relate between software & systems architecture, engineering constraints and tangible business values (envision, architect, evangelize and sell).

I’m a team player and leader, a generalist-with-a-surprise-geek-touch, and am focused on the BIG vision while coaching the push to reality. I like to think of myself as a T-shaped person.

How I Can Help You

Through SATISA, my management consulting firm, I’m available for short- and mid-term projects providing a variety of Services. As an experienced technology executive, I can bring value to many organizations looking to optimize operations and growth using digital technologies. In doing so, I take pride in the following principles:

  • I will tell you what I feel comfortable doing, and what not
  • I’m blunt, brutally honest, I don’t sugarcoat, but I also consider empathy one of my main skills
  • I want to be diligent with my customers’ time and money
  • I’m your wing man, be that in meetings, evaluating recruits or shareholder structures, or pitching to customers or channel partners – I have no other agenda than to make you feel inspired and more confident about yourself, and to share with you my past experiences

As part of my past experience, I can also link you up with my network of solid boutique advisories and consulting service providers with more specific or specialized technical or data science skills.

My Core Values

  • Trust
  • Openness & Transparency
  • Principled Pragmatism
  • Modesty

My Experience

From 2012 until 2018, I was a co-founder and the Chief Technology Officer of NGDATA – a customer analytics software platform vendor which rounded up 46M US$ in venture funding from a diverse set of international investors. NGDATA has a global presence (US, EMEA, APAC) and customer base in the financial services, telco, utilities, retail and media verticals. I was a member of the Executive Team and responsible for the overall technology strategy (mainly: Big Data & Cloud). As the technology lead I was both instrumental in product vision and strategy, as well as communicating the vision to customers, partners, industry analysts and investors. Due to our global footprint I travelled extensively, focusing on APAC primarily.

Before NGDATA, I co-founded and was a managing partner of Outerthought, a boutique technology consulting firm focused on open source Java frameworks for application development, content & asset management – mentoring software firms transitioning from mainframe tech stacks to modern component architectures. Outerthought had global customers such as the British Broadcasting Corporation (London, UK), Time Inc. (NY, USA), Groupe Adeo (Lille, FR) as well as the Cipal Schaubroeck group (BE). Outerthought became NGDATA through a management buy-in.

Before 2001, I held various senior technology and product management positions at international publishing and consulting firms, specializing in content management and publishing systems. Combined, I have accumulated 25+ years of tech venturing experience while maintaining a fresh and candid view on technology applications and organizational challenges.

For a more in-depth view into my experiences & network, please consult my LinkedIn profile.